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The “Detroit” take-down. 

Check Glove.  Angle Properly for Catch.  PROTECT THE FACE. 

Granting a Reprieve?  Shawshank Prison in the Warden’s Office. 

Life in a Box at “Shawshank” Prison.  The Mansfield Reformatory.

At Rest.  

Character if not Charm.  Kilbourne, OH

My friend Brock in a Shawshank cell. 

"Shawshank" Prison

"Shawshank" East Wing. 

"Shawshank" East Wing in B&W.

"Shawshank"  east wing today.

Mid-April??? In Central Ohio today.

Nice night for a moonlight fireside chat in central Ohio. 

Walking through Franconia Notch, New Hampshire.